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NMSC Race under the 10 standard International Model Yacht Racing rules and have since 2004

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But we must race in a Friendly way, showing respect and good manners to all fellow sailors and to give advice and assistance re- rules etc when required especially to novice sailors






 The One Point Five class model yacht was the fostered class of the NMSC at the Clubs inception in 2004

It is a large craft to fit into the average Sedan but it sails beautifully and is a pleasure to sail if you can transport one

The IOM ( International One Metre) is now the fostered class in our club for several reasons it is a very saleable class of yacht with clubs world wide sailing large fleets of this very strict One Design Development class and it is easy to transport in the average family car.

The RG65 ( eg:Dragon Force) is our second class and is a good Cheap"Off the Shelf" yacht for entry into Model Yachting




N.M.S.C. Recommended Supplier for all R/C Yacht Fittings.


The Radio Sailing Shop now has new owners Andrew and Lore Cook

  The Shop is now much bigger, carries a larger range of stock and has moved to Hampton in Victoria.


Contact : Andrew  on 0414 564 426 or

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