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NMSC Race under the 10 standard International Model Yacht Racing rules and have since 2004

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But we must race in a Friendly way, showing respect and good manners to all fellow sailors and to give advice and assistance re- rules etc when required especially to novice sailors


NMSC Modified 10 Racing Rules

Racing Rules adopted 2006

1. Port keeps clear of starboard

2. Windward keeps clear of leeward

3. Astern keeps clear of a boat ahead

4. Keep clear while tacking or gybing

5. When you gain right of way, or when you change course, give other boats time to keep clear.

6. Give room to (all) the inside boat(s) to round the mark. (Buoy room can be called FOUR boat lengths from the mark)

7. Give water to a boat avoiding an obstruction (if requested)

8. Do not barge

9. Where possible, at one minute before scratch start time, all yachts should be on start side of line.

10. Any yacht “starting early” shall go round a start mark and restart race (whether called or not).

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Try this website for dynamic rules testing in many languages. Totally private.
NOTE : This is based on complete Rules for full-sized sailing.
For RC sailing there are two main differences
1) RC Penalty Turn is one Tack & one Gybe (360 degree), not two of each (720 degree), and
2) RC Zone is 4 boat lengths not two around buoys etc.

Officer of the Day Procedures

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Thank You for storing our Club Trailer - Nicholson Boat Storage

Adjacent to the Nicholson River Boat Ramp. 


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