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RACE RESULTS - 2020-2021

RESULTS - RACE #1, 17 October 2020

After a foreboding forecast of 90% chance of rain,  but 20 degrees, we turned up, it was overcast with occasional sun and light winds of ~5knots. Fun was had practicing and sailing around until racing started at 1:00PM.

First race was pleasant sailing in light wind. Colin got off to a good start and lead all the way in his new Kantwo, with Maureen just behind and a visitor from Bendigo (sailing David's Alternative) was third. However, during the last lap it started to mist then spit raining, just as the first boats finished. We stopped racing and huddled under umbrellas, a car anex and in cars, hoping for the rain to clear. After half an hour, with ominous clouds all around, the day was "called" and when the rain stopped, the buoys were collected and everything packed away.

Driving home the weather was fine, with even sunshine, and it seemed like the wrong decision was made, but then more showers came across, so it turned out the wise decision. 


RESULTS - RACE #2, 7 November 2020