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RACE RESULTS 2022-2023

 RACE #1, 22 October, 2022

Racing abandoned due to lack of sailor numbers and weather.

It looks as if, for numerous reasons, the NMSC has dropped in membership again this year. We seem to have lost a few occasional sailors during the last three years of Covid-19 and we now need to encourage new members to our sport. Anyone interested in RC Yacht sailing, come join us!

RESULTS - RACE #2, 5 November, 2022

First race of 2022-3 NMSC Series completed, with 6 boats.

Weather was cool and overcast, wind all over the place from SW to SE at a flukey 2 - 10 kts. Only 19omax, the wind was cool but not too bad as light to medium. The threatened drizzle didn't come till driving home, to luckily give dry racing. All of the racing was in A rig wind range. After the many weeks of rain, the river was up and there was still past ankle-deep water between carpark and our normal sailing platform. We decided to sail from the small southerly platform, as there were only six sailing. Good to see Charles back too and we wish Maureen a rapid recovery.

After our cassette tape player died last year, our new MP3 Speaker is working well, once we get it playing. We need to work out a reliable button-pressing sequence and take out the extra silence track, for less stress for the ladies trying to work it. More than enough volume though and the new 1-minute start was received well.

David, with his Alternative, had good starts and sailed smart and clean to get six 1st and a 2nd as his discard! Peter was back with his Alternative too, but sadly broke a mainsheet after 4 races. Pin-end, port starts were the best again, as the wind shifted after course laying of a basically square course - some legs were works one race, reaches the next and runs became broad reaches. Luck of being in the right place for a shift was a definite factor. David gets a 10 second Penalty.

Six boats started and six sailed every race, which is great. 

Race #2
SAILOR Sail # Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Total Pts Place

David Meldrum 1st - RED 10 second Penalty, Colin Johanson 2nd, Ken Nichols 3rd