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NMSC Race under the 10 standard International Model Yacht Racing rules and have since 2004

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But we must race in a Friendly way, showing respect and good manners to all fellow sailors and to give advice and assistance re- rules etc when required especially to novice sailors



New sailor! thinking of trying RC Yacht racing


The Nicholson Model Sailing Club Inc was convened by a small group of model yacht enthusiasts in 2005. The Club’s aim was to foster an interest in owning, building, restoring, sailing and racing model yachts, along with fostering a Club of like-minded individuals to become a social group of friends.

This welcome booklet provides our new and existing club members with relevant information, to help get started and assist you to become part of the Nicholson Model Sailing Club (NMSC) environment.

Here’s a list of a few of the benefits of being a NMSC member:

  • Sailing calendar, with racing generally on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 11:00AM till about 4:30PM – racing starts at 1:00PM.
  • Organised club racing at Nicholson River carpark area (usually).
  • Scratch and handicap racing to accommodate all levels of sailors.
  • Rescue boat and racing courses set to the conditions.
  • Wealth and depth of knowledge within the club to help with boat set-up, rules, sailing techniques, model building, repairs, etc.
  • VRYA (Victorian Radio Yachting Association) levies are paid by NMSC, which includes Public Liability Insurance and is mandatory to enter major events.
  • A regularly updated NMSC web site with a wealth of information at
  • Social sailing and BBQ on the second Wednesday of each month (See NAGS)
  • Annual Presentation Night and prize giving.

Newlands Arm Group Sailing – (NAGS)

Our Club is not only for individuals who want to solely race model yachts, but also for members who like to construct other types of model yachts and scale sailing craft and even electric or steam boats. We do not cover internal combustion engine craft.

NAGS is for members who "Just want to play Boats" We meet one Wednesday a month, from 11:00 AM at Newlands Arm for a BBQ and spend the day playing and sailing with all sorts of other types of model boats, practising, instructing for racing and helping new members get a start into model boats.

Remember all committee and club members are VOLUNTEERS and all Club work is done out of the goodness of individuals’ hearts. So pitch in whenever you can, as if everyone helps out in a small way, it makes everyone’s day a bit more enjoyable.

Hope you have a great time.

The NMSC Committee

View or Download  Ten Tips of RC Yacht Racing for Beginners

View or Download Basic Sailing Rules


Things to consider if thinking of entering the sport of RC Yacht racing


 For anyone thinking of taking up this great hobby and has never sailed, or is not sure if Radio Controlled model sailing is for them?

We recommend that instead of buying an expensive  recognized class yacht, that can cost up to several thousands of dollars (for top competition boats,) or building their own boat, (a Club Competitive IOM Class, for example can be home built with Club owned Molds for as little as $900.00.

A very competitive IOM for World or Australian Titles for example, can cost many thousands of dollars,

So, if you are not sure of what Class of Yacht you would like to sail or if you want to get serious with model yachting? we suggest that you purchase  an “Off the shelf” basic model yacht and our Club and many others recommend the RG 65 class Yachts for example  “Dragon Force 65” yacht or the Hydro Pro Affinity RG65  (Dragon Force components built for Hobbyking

 The yachts are basically Toys, but have all the refinements and equipment to introduce a new sailor to the sport and this little yacht sails so well many RC sailors who have been building and racing model yachts for many years are purchasing them for some very exiting RG65 class racing and the RG65 is now a world wide class with World Titles

The Dragon & the Affinity have all replacement components parts and Sails available, including Up Grades eg: A B & C rigs

Adv From HobbyKing:

"As a perfect introduction to R/C Yacht Racing the HydroPro Affinity RG65 Class Racing Yacht is hard to beat!

The HydroPro Affinity stands out from its closest competitors by including 2 complete racing rigs with mylar sails at a fraction of the cost of lesser optioned boats.

Quick and easy to assemble, the Affinity will have you on the water for some close, competitive racing or relaxing cruising in no time, with a performance that will satisfy even the most discerning RC Yacht Skipper".



The “Dragon Force”65 V2 built by Joysway in China

History of the Dragon Force yacht

 A collaboration between Joysway of China and 3 Model yacht designers (Mike Weston, Mark Dicks and John Tushingham) has resulted in Dragon Force 65,a very affordable competition RC yacht.

 The rig is a full sized, low aspect RG65 rig with carbon spars and and even has a ball raced gooseneck usually found on much more expensive model yachts. The yacht was designed to conform the the RG65 of rules to allow the Dragon Force 65 to sail within the RG65 class One Design Class Rules”

 The “Dragon Force” can be purchased for less than $200.00 and it has all the tuning adjustments and features of bigger class yachts that can cost many thousands of dollars .

 So, any sailor new to the sport can learn all the basics and sail a competitive yacht that has now become a International Class and has even had a world titles sailed in 2013

The Dragon even comes with a pre-installed 2.4 Ghz radio and can be assembled and on the water, ready to sail in about an hour

 So for  a couple of hundred bucks! come down to Nicholson and join in with us and you may discover that RC Sailing really is for you.

So! weather you want to race model yachts in a friendly social fun atmosphere, race very competitively on a Club, State, or National level, or just want to enjoy building and sailing model boats for the enjoyment of "Just playing with model Boats, the Nicholson Model Sailing Club will make you most welcome



N.M.S.C. Recommended Supplier for all R/C Yacht Fittings.


The Radio Sailing Shop now has new owners Andrew and Lore Cook

  The Shop is now much bigger, carries a larger range of stock and has moved to Hampton in Victoria.


Contact : Andrew  on 0414 564 426 or

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