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RACE RESULTS 2021 -2022

RESULTS - RACE #1, 6 November 2021

With great disappointment, sailing at Nicho today was called off due to insufficient numbers indicating to race.
With people away, injured (all our best Richard), only four starters, is not enough to justify setting up.
It looks as if, for numerous reasons, the NMSC is in a spot of bother. We seem to have lost a few occasional sailers over Lockdown and we now need to encourage new members to our sport. We can even lend a yacht to try racing. Spread the word!

RESULTS - RACE #2, 20 November 2021

First race of 2021-2 NMSC Series completed today, with 6 boats. Weather was cool and overcast, wind all over the place from SE to E at a flukey 1 - 5 kts. Only 160, the wind was cold but not too bad as so light. A tiny bit of drizzle early on disappeared to give dry racing. All of the racing was in A rig wind range. Everyone used A rigs.QR Codes were used to check-in but after last week's flooding, there was still past ankle-deep water between carpark and normal sailing platform. We decided to sail from the small Southerly platform, as there were only six sailing, that was covered in mud too but mostly dry (Colin still got muddy wheels and hands). Water was just below platform decking level. Compared to 2020 when our site was surrounded by bushfires, it was a stark contrast, for late November.

When we arrived and started sailing, a light wind was fluctuating from S to E. By race time in the afternoon it had settled down to mainly SE to E and light to 5 knots. Wind strength changed all afternoon with occasional shifts to East winds across the course with frequent lulls and rare gusts. If you were in a wind band you moved nicely, and wind was mainly consistent across the course. Interestingly, the fleet was very often in a close bunch with lots of place changes throughout the races. Looked lovely with a bunch of yachts converging on buoys at once, but very few bumps, fouls and no tangles.

David has built a new Alternative, that sailed really well with three 1sts in its first three races, with the B rig was only finished last night! Peter was back with his Alternative too. Pin-end, port good starts were the best, as the wind shifted after course laying of a basically square course. Clean racing and good lines gave most consistent wins. David 

Everyone was taking their penalties and racing was slow, technical and flukey. Very much a day when a good start was so important as was being lucky with winds changing strength and direction frequently, making strategy difficult. Very enjoyable and jovial sail though with some bumps at buoys and misjudgment of lines.

Six boats started and six sailed every race, which is great.

Six races, 3 laps 1-5 knots  SSE to E, with few gusts.

FIRST on 8 pts-  Colin Johanson - Kantwo #72 Red 10 second handicap now

SECOND on 9 pts - David Meldrum - Alternative #unknown

THIRD on 14 pts - Peter Elsmore  - Alternative #00 and 

Then, with scores - Richard 16 (with very sore ribs), Maureen 17, & Charles 29, with one discard.