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After delaying from 7th October until the 21st October due to flooding of the carpark where we launch, a great turnout of people and boats were there for the Opening Day and the Starkey Cup race.


Photos showing why our Opening Day was rescheduled. Nowhere to put our safety boat in as the beach was submerged

The weather forecast was 24 degrees, sunny with some clouds and mild wind. What we got was much cooler, but still t-shirt temps, overcast until late afternoon, and very little wind that ranged from N, through E to SE.  Racing started at 12.45 after a convivial lunch, with many people meeting the new faces and old for the first time in a while. Eight boats lined up for the starts, which was a pleasant change from the sparse numbers of last season.

Colin and Richard kept in front in the first race but then David put his Alternative into gear and won the next 5 races! Sailing was usually in a reasonable bunch but there were many holes to get stuck in. Richard and Colin managed to tangle their rigs in the second race, which Richard managed to untangle, after some difficulty while standing in water above his knees, they both rejoined the race but a lap behind.

Colin chased David and Richard and Ken were always there too, waiting for opportunities, that often happened in the fluky breezes, for some fun racing. You could be out front, sail into a 'hole', and lose a couple of places before you got moving again. Wind directions changed and the stronger expected winds didn't come. After race 4 we stopped for some drinks etc, as the wind had disappeared. Luckily, after about half an hour some breeze came in and we were able to finish the 5th race and added an extra race for fun.

Two new sailors, Ian and Paul, acquitted themselves well, considering they were sailing new, to them, yachts with no prior racing experience - welcome and well done.

The MP3 start speaker and I minute starts worked well with only one recalled start (too many over in the downwind start).

Great to be back on the water again, racing with friends.

Ian Wykes92Blowfly757388307
David Meldrum87Alternative41111151
Peter Elsmore00Alternative645652226
Richard Wareham105Ocka263745204
Ken Nichols104Ocka326236163
Paul Davidson41Icesob534564215
Colin Johanson72Kantwo172423122
Charles Hock102OckaDNFDNFDNF877 8

 So David Meldrum with a well-deserved 1st Wins the 2023 Starkey Cup, with Colin 2nd and Ken 3rd.