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RACE RESULTS 2023-2024

Club I.O.M. Scratch Race Trophy #1, on 4 November 2023

The weather was cool with a top of only 18oand despite high wind warnings with a possible storm, we had light winds moving from E to SE at a fluctuating 2 - 8 knots, with occasional gusts of 10. The day started with a light rain shower then during racing a short misty shower, at one point. Forecasted high winds approaching 20 knots did not eventuate but all of our racing was well within A rig wind range. 

Only four boats turned up, likely due to the dubious forecast. We are restricted in course laying to leaving 1/3 of the river clear for all the fishing and leisure boats that pass and the start line needs to be where the scorers can see down the line, so we had to lay the triangle course almost across wind, so Port starts were the best option. We had mainly light to moderate breezes, with some big shifts during races of up to 40 degrees. With 10 races of three laps our 1 minute starts allowed us to power through, and apart from Colin getting weed jamming his rudder, sending him sailing off North in Race #5 and needing to be rescued from the far bank by our trusty safety boat and crew, everyone sailed all races for some tight races and finishes.

Colin was powering along until his DNF and had 6 bullets overall, but Ken was consistent throughout the day finishing off with two bullets. With the small fleet, Paul acquitted himself well with his new/used boat, even winning one race and a couple of seconds. After 10 races we had 2 drops, with Colin only squeaking past Ken's consistency by one point, so far. another set of races yet to come, for this trophy.

Despite the not-so-great weather, the racing was fun, with lots of place changes. This is the first of two races for the Club IOM Scratch Trophy, so it will be interesting how the next race goes on 17 February, to determine the winners. Next, we start our Racing Handicap Series on 18 November, so be there.


RESULTS - RACE #1, 18 November, 2023

Well, the first handicap series scratch races started on the 18th of November 2023 and was held with only five boats sailing. The poor weather forecast possibly discouraged a few.

The forecast was moderate winds, 18 degrees and overcast with possible showers, but we got the 18 degrees and the winds ranged from 8 to 12 gusting up to 14, especially in the late afternoon, but no showers.

David and Ken started off well but it was Richard who really showed his improved abilities over the afternoon his first win which was impressive, congrats Richard for a well-earned win. Richard's old boat model, the same as Ken's, both seem to revel in the higher winds and were very competitive. It only shows old-style hulls, in good hands and suitable weather, can be just as competitive as new hulls. Our new member Paul wasn't was not so lucky but was still up with the pack and everybody sailed every race.

As you can see from the results below, our first race of the series had some very interesting results. There were plenty of position changes especially if you missed a mark and penalties could take you from first to last place.

Everybody agreed that they had a wonderful day sailing, even if a bit cooler than expected and we packed up after a quick race of seven races but it had by that time got quite cold officially with wind chill factor and we were all ready to go home so see you next time on the  2nd of December for Race #2.


So Richard winning gains a 10 second start penalty, Ken 2nd and David 3rd.

RESULTS - RACE #2, 2 December, 2023

Cancelled due to weather and river level, after a lot of rain, in the last week.