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"Paynesville Classic Boat Rally "March 3rd & 4th 2018

Words Fail Me (hard to believe eh?) What a Fabulous weekend!

 It would have to be one of the biggest crowds ever seen in Paynesville with more than 200 boats on the water over the weekend and 57 on the Static Displays,

Lots of Food  ("Salt and Pepper Squid" van was very popular) Trade Stalls and tremendous amount of interest in the NMSC and our display of race boats and models

Martins part built Spanish Galleon and Noels Steamboat would have to have been the most popular exhibits and if half the people turn up at Nicholson or Nags who say they will our club will have a lot of new members

All members ,without exception ,agreed it was a great, very enjoyable and worthwhile weekend.