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1.5 Class FOR SALE

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NMSC Race under the 10 standard International Model Yacht Racing rules and have since 2004

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But we must race in a Friendly way, showing respect and good manners to all fellow sailors and to give advice and assistance re- rules etc when required especially to novice sailors



FOR SALE 3 Model Yachts

I am an Ex Member of the Lilydale racing yacht club and I have 3 Model Yachts for Sale 

a bulk purchase is  (preferred)  $980.00 ONO  ,or individual sale if required

The Schooner was designed and built by the Club President. It was scalded from the real thing. As far as I know there is only two built and it cost me $850 dollars.

The blue one I started to build it but the same guy Finished it was he's plan. The black one was he's plan as well but I build and finished this one. 

The Schooners dimensions are   L. 1175 H1330 W210

The Blue Yacht  L 720  H1330 W 200  

The Black Yacht  L 850  H 1350  W 220 

 Price the schooner $650 dollars. The other 2 are $400 dollars  ea.  The other stuff open to reasonable offers that's 2  Hitec  rechargeable battery chargers  or the lot as a package for $980.00

To Contact:  Please Email    .  or, Phone  Malcolm on 0433 889971


Marblehead Class Model Racing Yacht For Sale

The " Microchip" Designed by Adrian Brewer of (Flotaboat)

                                                           Black Magic Sails                                                                
In very good condition                RMG  Smart Winch,     

All Electrics, Radio Batteries etc                     Yacht Stand

Radio,  Batteries,  lots of spare bits   Ready to go Racing


For Details Contact: Bernard 03 51 527067 Located in Bairnsdale  Asking Price $550.00 ONO


Marblehead Class Model Racing Yacht For Sale


                                                 Fully Refurbished                                                           
In very good condition         RMG  Smart Winch,     

All New Electrics, Radio Batteries etc.  Yacht Stand

                    Ideal 1st Yacht for learners or as a training Yacht or ready to go Club racing

For Details Contact: Bernard 03 51 527067 Located in Bairnsdale  Asking Price $300.00 ONO



BUDGIE  Class Yacht  # 17 is for Sale

 2 Years old and in very good condition

Has an excellent Race record 

Yacht Stand

 2.4G Hobby King Radio, Batteries, etc

For Details:-

Contact:- Maureen Lee  Phone.   03 51 561381  or Mobile 0422 366516     

Asking Price $800.  ONO


One Point Five Class  "BRIGAND" is FOR SALE

"Brigand" is a 1.5 Class Yacht in Excellent Condition

"A" & "B" Rigs in very good condition

Comes with Beach Stand

2.4 Gig Flysky FS-16 Radio

RMG Winch

Contact Allan on (03) 51566549 or use the Secure Contact email Form on the Contact Page

Asking Price $500.00



N.M.S.C. Recommended Supplier for all R/C Yacht Fittings.


The Radio Sailing Shop now has new owners Andrew and Lore Cook

  The Shop is now much bigger, carries a larger range of stock and has moved to Hampton in Victoria.


Contact : Andrew  on 0414 564 426 or

To Link to The Radio Sailing On-Line Shop   Click Here