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Opening Day 2019 "Starkey Cup"

Old and new club members attended our 2019 Opening Day season BBQ and "Starkey Cup" day

The event was held at our Nicholson venue in sunny conditions, with an Easterly (ESE) wind of about 10+ kts. However, by the start of the first race the wind, as forecast, progressed from 10kts, gradually to about 20+kts plus gusts (B rigs used by all). Eight boats competed with 7 IOMs, and a DF95. Good to see some new and old faces after our season break, and glad Bob was able to attend too. Peter turned up with his own lovely built Alternative for its maiden race, and showed great speed (see results). 

After a morning sail and tune (mainly making old rigs sailable again), we stopped for a wonderful BBQ lunch with lots of snags, chicken skewers, casseroles, salads, and cake. Very amicable, relaxed and enjoyed by all. 

We started racing after 1:00 PM. We had four races of three laps around our rectangle course, before a break to try and fix problems, then only four boats completed the last three races (one discard). People were taking their penalties well. Starts were all on Port with mostly clean but fast starts crowding the pin end, with a close haul reach to the first mark. With wind-chill taking the 16-18 degrees down to cold, jackets were dragged on by all, as it got quite cold, despite the clear sunny day.

Strong winds took a toll on boat rigs (neglected and new alike), with a number of breakages (onshore mostly) on the less used B Rigs, but no one had to be rescued. A bit of work will be needed before the next races in a fortnight by most sailors.

Our spacious platform was a pleasure to use, with plenty of room to sail and launch and with better water access but, with the water so low and clear, we found the keels were hitting rocks piled up against the new supports, with weed covering them. Should be fine when the water level rises though. 

Our new trailer was there in its glory - thanks to Peter for all his work decommissioning old one for sale and putting all the gear, reorganised, inside, thanks David for producing some great vinyl-cut signage, and thanks to Colin for finding a good (2nd hand, but cheap trailer and selling old one too). New trolling motor, obtained by Peter worked well also, even against the wind, where the old one struggled.

RESULTS OVERALL - Interestingly the same three place winners, in the same order, as last year.

FIRST on 10pts- Peter Ellsmore - Alternative #77 (Actual Reg #00 - yet to get 'naughty sails)  

SECOND on 11pts - David Meldrum - Alternative #55

THIRD on 13pts - Colin Johanson - PP5 #41

Then, with scores - Maureen 24, Martin, Richard, Bernard, Alan

Many had boat issues, but nothing major, only broken rigs - pretty good considering the winds were pretty brutal, in the later races.

Hope to get some photos soon.



Thank You for storing our Club Trailer - Nicholson Boat Storage

Adjacent to the Nicholson River Boat Ramp. 


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