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NMSC Race under the 10 standard International Model Yacht Racing rules and have since 2004

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But we must race in a Friendly way, showing respect and good manners to all fellow sailors and to give advice and assistance re- rules etc when required especially to novice sailors




Race 1 Opening Day "Starkey Cup" Incl Race 1 Club Handicap Series

Starkey Cup Winner                                                 O.O.D. Bob Moore

1st: Peter Elsmore

2nd: Alan Hurst

3rd: David Meldrum  =3 R Moore

4th: Colin Johanson

5th: Maureen Lee

6th: Dick Voller

7th: Richard Lee

8th: Richard Wareham

9th: Bernard Spells

10th All other sailors

 October 22nd Race 2  Club Handicap Series Postponed (to be re-run)

SEE MARCH 11th 2017 for Re-Run

O.O.D. Peter Elsmore

November 8th  Race 3 Club Handicap Series

Colin Johanson  O.O.D.

1st: David Meldrum

2nd: Ken Nichols

3rd: Peter Elsmore  = 3 Colin Johanson

4th: Alan Hurst

5th: Richard Wareham

6th: Maureen Lee

7th: Bernard Spells

8th:  All other sailors

November 26th  Race 4 Club Handicap Series

O.O.D.  Richard Wareham =3rd

1st: K Nichols

2nd: D Meldrum                       

3rd:  Colin Johanson  = 3rd Richard Wareham OOD

4th: Bruce Ellis                

5th: Maureen Lee           

6th: Bob Moore                  

7th: Alan Hurst                  

8th: Bernard Spells

9th:  All other sailors                   

December 10th  Race 5 Club Handicap Series

O.O.D.  Maureen Lee =3rd place

1st: Richard Wareham

2nd: Colin Johanson =3rd Alan Hurst                     

3rd:  Peter Elsmore

4th: David Meldrum               

5th: Dick Voller           

6th: Bob Moore                  

7th:  Richard Lee                


9th:  All other sailors        

December 17th  Race 6 Club Handicap Series

1st: Colin Johanson   

2nd: Peter Elsmore                           

3rd:  D Meldrum    = Richard Lee

4th: Bernard Spells   =  Richard Wareham                               

5th:  Maureen Lee




O.O.D.  R Lee =3rd

January 14th  Race 7 Club Handicap Series

1st: Colin Johanson   

2nd: D Meldrum                       

3rd:  K Nichols  = 3rd Bob Moore OOD

4th: Bruce Ellis                

5th:   Peter Elsmore    Maureen Lee           

6th: Alan Hurst                

7th: Maureen Lee                    

8th: Bernard Spells


O.O.D.  Bob Moore

January 28th  I.O.M.Club Championship Series

1st:   D Meldrum 

2nd:  Colin Johanson                  

3rd:  K Nichols  = 3rd Bob Moore OOD

4th: Bruce Ellis                

5th:   Peter Elsmore    Maureen Lee           

6th: Alan Hurst                

7th: Maureen Lee                    

8th: Bernard Spells

February 11th   Race 8 Club Handicap Series

1st: Colin Johanson   

2nd: K Nichols                        

3rd:  Alan Hurst 

4th: Richard Wareham                

5th:  Richard Lee             

6th:  Maureen Lee

7th: Bruce Ellis                    

O.O.D.  Ken Nichols

February 25th  Race 9 Club Handicap Series

1st        Ken Nichols     (OOD)  IOM     6points            Now Yellow Handicap

2nd        Richard Wareham      IOM     9points

3rd        Bernard Spells             IOM     15points

4th        Colin Johanson            IOM     16points

5th        Barry                            Budgie                       

 6th       Martyn Davison          RG95                         

O.O.D. Ken Nichols 

                      March 11th:    Re Sail of  Race 2 Club Handicap Series

1st        Alan Hurst   IOM     Now Yellow Handicap                

2nd        Richard Lee       IOM    

3rd        Barry Hein           IOM    

4th        Richard Wareham      IOM           

5th        Maureen Lee    IOM   

6th       Colin Johanson            IOM

7th       Martyn Davison          RG95 

8th      Bernard Spells          IOM

                      O.O.D. Bob Moore =3rd



April 8th  Race 11 Club Handicap Series  (Final Race of Series)

1st           Colin Johanson   IOM     8 points         Green Handicap

2nd        D Meldrum      IOM     12 points

= 2nd     Peter Elsmore  IOM    12 points

3rd         Richard Lee  IOM       16 points

4th           Bernard Spells    IOM     21points                    

 5th       Martyn Davison    RG95     30 points


FINAL RESULTS for Season 2015/16

Awards for 2015/16

" Starkey Cup" (Opening Day Scratch Race) Memorial Event

Peter Elsmore.   I.O.M    # 77 Pikanto

Club Scratch Racing Pennant Series

Peter Elsmore.   I.O.M    # 77 Pikanto

Club Handicap Series

Peter Elsmore.   I.O.M    # 77 Pikanto

Nicholson Model Sailing Clubs Most Improved Sailor for Season 2015/16

Richard Wareham Sailing "Budgie" NUMBEEERRR WWUUUNNNNNNNNNN



Nicholson Model Sailing Club (inc)

Winner of the Snorkel Award 2016


For providing Club Members with a very entertaining an outstanding display of Water Ballet & Beached Whale Impersonations at NAGS April 16


N.M.S.C. Recommended Supplier for all R/C Yacht Fittings.


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  The Shop is now much bigger, carries a larger range of stock and has moved to Hampton in Victoria.


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