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Luckily the Covid-19 rural restrictions were relaxed in time for us to tentatively hold our Opening Race Day meeting. A maximum of 10 people was set, our QR Code used, masks required at all times (apart from eating or drinking) people social-distanced and everyone complied and everyone's QR Codes were logged.

Nicholson Model Sailing Club had its Opening Day and "Starsky Cup" on the 2nd of October 2021. The forecast leading up didn't look good with top temperature of only 18 and thunderstorms predicted. With some trepidation, those of us who were attending, under the required total of 10 people, set off to hopefully get some sailing in.

As it turned out, the weather was much better and improved as the day went on. Sure, the clouds looked threatening at times but the wind was a pleasant 5 to 10 knots S to SE, and as the day wore on the weather improved with the sun even coming out to be comfortably warm. So "A" Rigs were used by everyone for some relaxed competitive sailing, with boats prepared and checked during Lockdown, we only had one with some minor rigging issues (a change from previous years).

We assembled our boats, set out the buoys to go ahead with sailing and started racing at 1:00 p.m for just the required five races of our annual scratch race, Starsky Cup. No BBQ this year, as we were playing it safe by the Covid regulations, everyone bought their own prepared food instead.

Five IOMs and a Budgie lined up to start and in the next couple of hours we quickly completed the five races required. We were glad that Bob was well enough to attend too, even if not racing. Unluckily, Peter was not there to defend his title, as he has won this annual race for the last three years.

Colin got off to a good start in his Kantwo, even when not first at the start, he managed to get to the front and manage to stay there for the first four races. Ken sailing his normal Ocka and David sailing his own design Bug, were not far behind placing 2nd or 3rd for most of those races, with Ken winning the last race, David second and Colin just behind in 3rd.

The racing was fun, clean, and enjoyable for all. It was a surprisingly enjoyable day and a lot warmer than we expected. The forecasted thunderstorms not eventuating and the rain not eventuating until evening.

We hope that this is an indication of the weather coming for the rest of the season, as last year was not great.

Our trailer was there in its glory - with the 12V, 100Ah LiFePO4 for the motor in great charge, thanks to our 60W solar panel, suitable electronic charge controller system, with our old panel used too. After the long layover, all was well (Ken had dropped by to check the week before - thanks Ken).

Unlike previous years, when boats and sailors were a bit 'rusty', there were no breakages or boat failures. Our spacious platform was a pleasure to use, as usual, with plenty of room to distance, sail and launch and with great water access.

The winner of the Starsky Cup was Colin Johanson for 2021. 

NAME SAIL # Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 POINTS PLACE
C Johanson721111341
K Nichols1042322172
D Meldrum6242332103
R Wareham10534444154
M Wareham01DNS5556235
C Hock1025DNFDNSDNS5266