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Opening Day 2020 "Starkey Cup"

Limited members attended our 2020 Opening Day season "Starkey Cup" day

The event was held at our Nicholson venue in thankfully overcast conditions, with a Northerly (NNE to NNW) wind requiring us to set a Starboard Rounding course. The forecast of 30 degrees only got to 27 degrees, but wind was a major issue. Starting off at 11:00 with gusty, up to 20 knot winds, B rigs were mounted and fun practice sailing commenced. It was the first competition sail, so dusting off the cobwebs and two new boats getting tested.

By 12:20 winds had dropped to top of A rig conditions with 10knt with considerable gusts still coming through. Peter, David and Colin went with A rigs for the first three races, starting at 1:00pm, the other three boats stayed with their B Rigs.

We started racing after 1:00 PM and had three races of three laps around our rectangle course, in conditions of nice A rig wind, with bullets coming through. A rigs were certainly faster, with Maureen, Ken and Richard losing ground in their B rigs before a break to allow drinks and sail changes to A rigs by three.

All boats completed the next race, where Ken, now with an A on won in style in the drifting conditions. The last race was very trying, due to lack of wind, with only Peter able to finish the final race - our rescue boat (with its new LiFePO4 battery) was needed to bring four boats back to shore when the wind totally disappeared on the last lap.

Six IOM boats competed. Good to see some new and old faces after our season break, and masks were mandatory and people present limited to ten in the racing group and both platforms used to allow social distancing.

People were taking their penalties well, but grumbling about being carried into buoys by the current, when little or no wind to sail. Starts were often messy with Starboard and Port boats fouling the starts and when the wind dropped off, even getting over the start line became a challenge. A fun day was had by all, despite the very trying wind conditions.

David's new "Bug" (his own design, created from a highly modified SC4 mold during Covid-19 lockup, with chines 'folded' in by David's novel technique) sailed very nicely with its very fine entry. Colin's new Kantwo, from a commercial kit made in Thailand, showed good potential too.

Unlike previous years, when boats and sailors a bit 'rusty', there were no breakages or boat failures. Our spacious platform was a pleasure to use, with plenty of room to sail and launch and with great water access.

Our trailer was there in its glory - with a new 12V, 100Ah LiFePO4 for the motor and only weighing 12kg versus the old lead/acid at 33kg, so much easier to carry over to our safety boat. The club has also purchased a 60W solar panel, suitable electronic charge controller and cables to create a better off-grid power solution (old panel can still be used as well, but that was never powerful enough.

RESULTS OVERALL - Interestingly the same three place winners, in the same order, as last year and the year before that!.

FIRST on 5pts- Peter Ellsmore - Alternative #00 (with new 'naughty' sails)  

SECOND on 9pts - David Meldrum - Bug (his own design)#62

THIRD on 10pts - Colin Johanson - Kantwo #72

Then, with scores - Maureen 15, Ken 16, and Richard on 20.

Hope to get some more photos soon.


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