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October 22nd 2016 Race 2 Handicapp Series

Race Day 11:30 am

      The only change to the above picture was that the

Wind got Stronger, the Temperature Much Colder & Rain with a few Hailstones thrown in for good measure

The Sailing Day was Abandoned during Race 2.  So! a Re-Sail of race 2 will be held

Admin Note: I departed the scene at the Start of Race 2 for a much warmer environment, driving thru rain and hail leaving the diehards to play boats. This was a Big Mistake as I missed the hi-light of the day


Please read the following Report from the OOD

"Well the day had finally come and it was myturn to be OOD for the day.
And so it was with much in trepidation with my basic knowledge of the rules pitted against those who know the rules inside out I took up the challenge.
Up the hill to grab the equipment trailer while Davey pulled the side out of the truck to give a bit of shelter to the scorers given the weather forecast.
Davey and the OOD took to the water in the rescue boat to lay out the course then back to shore but discovered one of the buoys had decided to seek shelter on the other side of river but no worries suddenly the course became a triangle with the OOD making an executive decision.
Six hardy sailors took to the water after a break in the inclement weather with the OOD giving the countdown and racing Collins boat to tube launching jetty then a quick hand to Bernie who put his boat in without routing the jib line properly so back to the jetty for a quick reroute and back in the water. As he said .....Less haste more pace.
With all sailors enjoying the blustery conditions sporting their B rigs the OOD hit the 2 min countdown.
Now the cat and mouse positioning started and as Maureen sailed close to the start line my blood pressure shot up as my first call as OOD loomed but no she skilfully change tack and shot up the  start line to reposition.

3.2.1 Beeeeeep and with a clean start the fleet was underway and the OOD felt a little robbed, couldn't call any one back, but whets this oh no Davies in chains while the rest of the fleet sailed away.
Suddenly the wind filled his sails and he was of in pursuit looking for his first victim and bugger me he passed them all one by one to pass the last boat on the final leg to take the win.
Of course then the heavens opened up but a sudden patch of blue sky had the fleet back in the water for the second and final race which was won by Colin.
But with a small fleet and only a couple of buoy hits this OOD enjoyed the day ......but more was to follow, yeah go on have a laugh !

Time to collect the buoys in under a thunderous sky and Ken and I took to the water feeling  a little venerable in our little tin boat as the sky rumbled and lightning flashed but we rescued the wayward buoy and in a geometric pattern a maths teacher would be proud of the rest were rounded up and bought to shore however as we nosed in and the OOD stood up to disembark the boat moved the OOD stumbled to port the gunwale went under water poured in the OOD dived in to save the boat (Yeh! bullshit).

So with boat full of water and Ken standing in the sinking boat full of water rescue came and the boat was pulled to the jetty while the OOD struggle to the surface feeling like a drowned rat hat still on and the wife missed all the action.

Then it was off with the wet gear but the paparazzi caught wind and took photos of the OOD with his pants down. Legal action to follow." 

Piano Pete OOD

Admin Note On behalf of the Selection Committee for the awarding of the 2016/17 NMSC Annual "Snorkle Award"

Ïf the said OOD staged this event in order to qualify for selection of the "Snorkle".  a Re-Enactment may be called for unless Pictorial Evidence can be produced.






Partial evidence re Snorkel Award Claim

OOD`s Missus (Laughing) holding the Soggy Trackie Dacks