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NMSC "International One Metre" Championships 2017

January 28th dawned bright, sunny and very hot. We arrived at 9:30am to get the IOM championship  underway as we had to run 15 Races of 3 laps ea

After the briefing racing got underway at 10:30am in very calm and hot conditions. Several races were reduced to 2 laps because of the calm conditions. We managed 6 races before lunch and race 7 started off in a perfect breeze of about 8 Kts. This "Sea Breeze" picked up rapidly to well over 25kts and timeout was called to change down to B rigs

Even under B rigs boats were Nose Diving and Dick Voller who persisted with an A rig became the Foundation Member of the new NMSC  (Nicholson Model Submarine Club) see pictures.Note: The picture of Dick in the water is not what you may think? I think he was looking for his boat

Only 4 of the 8 entrants in the Championship finished the Day


1 st Place David Meldrum

2nd Place to Colin Johanson

3rd Place to Ken Nichols

Last Man Standing Award (or Floating? considering he sailed all races with an A Rig) Dick Voller