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Club members are reminded to visit David Lucke's Fresh Food Market in Bairnsdale and show your Luckes Rewards Tag.  The $20 loyalty Rewards Cheques we receive are certainly helping the coffers of the N.M.S.C


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Basic Sailing Rules


NMSC Race under the 10 standard International Model Yacht Racing rules and have since 2004

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But we must race in a Friendly way, showing respect and good manners to all fellow sailors and to give advice and assistance re- rules etc when required especially to novice sailors





Notice to all MemBers

N.M.S.C  2017 / 2018 Season is now in recess till October

However, N.A.G.S will continue thru Winter

Sailing at Newlands Arm on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month

A Club supplied BBQ on the 2nd Wednesday and BYO on the 4th

this applies only for June thru till  September


Nicholson Model Sailing Club (inc) 2005

If you would like to become involved in a hobby/sport that is relaxing, competitive, lots of fun and a means to make lots of very social like-minded friends, then welcome to our website and read on.

But, a warning. building and racing radio controlled yachts can be very addictive, with no known cure.

   Club Sailing Days are the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month at Nicholson River car park at 11am

and on the Second Wednesday of the month For the NMSC / NAGS Wednesday

"Just Playing Boats Group" & BBQ

Meet at the boat ramp park, Dawsons Cove Newlands Arm at 11am

NMSC / NAGS Wednesday Sailing has its own Website  (Click Here)

The NMSC is a club of very active members whose aims are to promote the hobby of constructing and the sport of racing radio controlled yachts. We sail in the Nicholson River  at NICHOLSON in (East Gippsland) Victoria. AUSTRALIA (at the car park) on the 2nd and the 4th Saturdays of the month starting at 11:30 am (Check Calendar ).

New members will be made most welcome and any member of the public who would like to try this great sport can come and have a sail with us at any time

All classes of yachts are most welcome to race with our Club. The most popular class yacht sailed at the NMSC is the International One Metre (I.O.M) which is the most popular class in Australia and the World. The International.One.Metre (IOM) is the fostered class of the Nicholson Model Sailing Club

. Members also sail two locally designed yachts the  "One Point Five" class and a smaller yacht called the" Budgie" which uses IOM sails and can compete quite well against most IOM`s

About half of our Racing is Handicap Racing using the RYG 10 rule system in 2 divisions which works very well and our other racing is usually Pennant racing in 2 Divisions

"A" Division includes IOM`s and "Budgies"

"B" Division includes all other Classes

We also encourage Members to construct other types of Radio Controlled Sailing Craft with many fine examples of Steam Boats Paddle Steamers Schooners, Ketches etc

Applicants for membership to NMSC are invited to come along and join in our activities for at least 3 sailing days so they can be introduced to and made welcome by our members 

Members of other Clubs who are members of the VRYA are most welcome to sail with us 

Members of the public who have a boat and would like to sail with us to see if they would like to join our club may sail with us for 4 Sailing Days, Provided they sign our Visitors Book (For public liability Insurance cover)

A joining fee of $50.00 is requested along with a $50.00. annual subscription and all  sailing members are requested to pay $3.ea per sailing day

Ken Nichols "Marblehead" leading Bob Moore`s "Budgie" at the Wing Mark

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Membership Renewal Form on "Members" Page

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Thank You for storing our Club Trailer

Nicholson Boat Storage

Adjacent to the Nicholson River Boat Ramp



Boat Launching and Retrieving Service

Contact:  Laurie & Blanch Miles

(03) 5156 8323


N.M.S.C. Recommended Supplier for all R/C Yacht Fittings.


The Radio Sailing Shop now has new owners Andrew and Lore Cook

  The Shop is now much bigger, carries a larger range of stock and has moved to Hampton in Victoria.


Contact : Andrew  on 0414 564 426 or

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