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Thank You for storing our Club Trailer - Nicholson Boat Storage

Adjacent to the Nicholson River Boat Ramp. 


Contact:  Laurie & Blanch Miles

(03) 5156 8323

AGM 2016

20 Club Members attended the Dinner and AGM at the Bairnsdale Convention Center for a very enjoyable evening



After a great meal we adjourned to a meeting room for the AGM

The New Committee was elected  as follows 

Commodore :-Ken Nichols            Secretary:- Richard Wareham          Vice Comm:- David Meldrum

Treasurer:- Maureen Lee.   Committee Members:- Bob Moore.     Colin Yohanson.           Peter Elsmore


" Starkey Cup" (Opening Day Scratch Race) Memorial Event

Peter Elsmore.   I.O.M    # 77 Pikanto

Club Scratch Racing Pennant Series

Peter Elsmore.   I.O.M    # 77 Pikanto

Club Handicap Series

Peter Elsmore.   I.O.M    # 77 Pikanto

Nicholson Model Sailing Clubs Most Improved Sailor for Season 2015/16

Richard Wareham Sailing "Budgie" NUMBEEERRR WWUUUNNNNNNNNNN



Nicholson Model Sailing Club (inc)

Winner of the Snorkel Award 2016


For providing Club Members with a very entertaining an outstanding display of Water Ballet & Beached Whale Impersonations at NAGS April 16

Snorkel Award

T`was a lovely sailing day, down at NAGS on the Bay

When entertainment was  provided by Bernard

Sailing under blue skies we did not realize

 Bernard soon would be needing a life guard


Bernie sailed up the Arm, he could come to no harm

but his yacht was aground on the crud

and he thought gee that`s handy the bottoms all sandy

but under that sand was black mud


So he looked all around, put his radio down

being careful to look where to tread

But he soon was agast for his feet were stuck fast,

 and down he went, arse over head


Down there in the dark like a big gummy shark

Bernard lay there, and knew he had troubles

But he still felt quite chipper. thought, I`ll just raise a flipper 

and blow up a big stream of bubbles


As we sailed on the jetty ,we heard a loud yell from Bette

that Bernard was in lots of trouble

we all looked around put our radios down

and ran down the track on the double


But before he was reached, like a Sperm whale he breached

and up he popped wet as a shag

Mud up to his Bum and a cut on his thumb

he did look a bit of a Dag


Up went the shout and the Cameras came out

as he struggled ashore in some pain

   At  a request he did scoff and he said Bugger off

When asked could he do it again.

                                                                Bob M